The Support of the Setting

I write Fantasy. Urban fantasy, mostly. I imagine that I’ll eventually branch out and give Science Fiction a shot, or try something more realistic, but so far I have stuck with Fantasy. I like fantasy. Why?

I told myself for years that it was because I liked writing without restraints, without being bound by the rules of the real world. Now that I think about it, this isn’t true. Every world has its own restraints, after all. The restraints that I create, like not being able to undo a spiritual bond, are no different than the real world limitation on human running speed.

Each setting provides rules that cannot be overcome, in one way or another. And each setting provides for amazing successes, deep and suspenseful plots, and moments that shock and astound.

Why then, do I write Fantasy? Is it the world-building?


No. I’ve read several pieces of flash fiction that use some in-universe pamphlet or dialogue to set up a world. Some may find these pieces to be entertaining, but I only see untapped potential.

A world is nothing without a story.

I write Fantasy because it allows me to temper my world to the story that I want to tell. My settings support and mold to the story I am telling, and as my fingers flow, the world and story are defined in tandem. One supports the other. The setting allows a particular story to work and have the most impact.

Lord of the Rings could not be told without Hobbits being as they are. Star Wars wouldn’t work as well with crusaders rather than the Jedi. These stories need their setting for support.

I write in the same vein. I make my worlds to support and enhance the connections, sorrows, and dilemmas that my characters face. That is the reason I write Fantasy.


bad-2025464_640Speaking of my Fantasy writing, I have a story to tell you. It’s about a teenage girl names Thana Ayers. She’s a necromancer, and my story allows her to face challenges and pains that only a necromancer can face.

Through the Lichgate, my first book, will release early in 2018. Follow me here or on Twitter to stay tuned. The cover, release date, and blurb are soon to come.

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