Audiobook Narration

I am available for professional Audiobook Production. You can commission me on Findaway Voices Marketplace or ACX, or contact me via email.

I voice fiction, primarily fantasy and urban fantasy, but also have experience narrating thrillers, young adult books, and romance novels. I’d love to get into the odd mystery or parody, or something weird that doesn’t slot into genres well. If you think my voice might fit, gimme a shout!

I was also the main narrator for the completed Pact Audiobook Project, a three-year side project spanning over a hundred hours of free audio.

Audio Narration Samples

Knowing — Young Adult Sci-fi, First Person Narration, Anxious
Wistful Ascending — Sci-Fi Space Opera, Third Person Narration, Sarcastic/Snarky
Pact — Urban Fantasy Horror, First Person Narration, Wistful/Reflective
House of Blades — Fantasy, Third Person Narration, Male/Female/Child dialogue
Into the Labyrinth — YA Fantasy, Third Person Narration, Dialogue/Conflict
Black Stone Heart — Dark Fantasy, First Person Narration, Intimidating
Verona Comics — YA Romance, First Person Narration, Anxious, M/F Dialogue

Podcast Readings


I volunteered to read Arc 17 of popular web serial Worm by J.C. McCrae, an arc that pretty much stands alone. The arc was published by Abaddon Productions. Begin listening below!

This is an unofficial production of Worm, by John “Wildbow” McCrae. Thanks to speedchuck for narrating Music from Pixabay Thank you for listening.
  1. Migration 17.8
  2. Migration 17.7
  3. Migration 17.6
  4. Migration 17.5
  5. Migration 17.4

The Pact Audiobook Project

Pact is a web serial written by J.C. McCrae (Wildbow of Worm fame) in 2014, and I produced an audio podcast narration of the serial as a fan project. Most chapters are narrated by me, excepting those in Arc 8.

I learned audiobook narration from scratch over the course of this project, but feel free to listen to some recent chapters as a sample!

Pact Reading — Closing Words The Pact Audiobook Project

This series was produced by Kyle Adams, from Thanks so much for listening. About Page
  1. Pact Reading — Closing Words
  2. Pact Reading — Epilogue
  3. Pact Reading — Judgment 16.13
  4. Pact Reading — Judgment 16.12
  5. Pact Reading — Judgment 16.11