I volunteered to produce audio for Arc 17 of the popular web serial Worm by J.C. McCrae, an arc that pretty much stands alone. The arc was published by Abaddon Productions. Begin listening below!

This is an unofficial production of Worm, by John “Wildbow” McCrae. Thanks to speedchuck for narrating Music from Pixabay Thank you for listening.
  1. Migration 17.8
  2. Migration 17.7
  3. Migration 17.6
  4. Migration 17.5
  5. Migration 17.4

The Pact Audiobook Project

Pact is a web serial written by J.C. McCrae (Wildbow of Worm fame) in 2014, and I produced an audio podcast narration of the serial as a fan project. Most chapters are narrated by me, excepting those in Arc 8 and a few of the ‘interludes.’

I learned audiobook narration from scratch over the course of this project.

Pact Reading — Closing Words The Pact Audiobook Project

This series was produced by Kyle Adams, from https://www.kyleadamsbooks.com. Thanks so much for listening. About Page
  1. Pact Reading — Closing Words
  2. Pact Reading — Epilogue
  3. Pact Reading — Judgment 16.13
  4. Pact Reading — Judgment 16.12
  5. Pact Reading — Judgment 16.11