Through the Lichgate

It is done. After over a year of writing, editing, and reading, I present this to you:


My debut work is finished and published, both digitally and in print. It’s been a wild ride,  full of doubts and failures, but I’ve finally found my first story to tell.

Through the Lichgate started as just “Lich,” a book about an unlikely character. I wrote both devout Christianity and powerful necromancy into a teenage high-school girl to see if it would stick. And stick it did. Thana, the main character of Through the Lichgate, is her own person now with her own stories. And what’s more, she spawned a world, a villain, and some friends that are just as interesting as she is.

I really opened up a can of worms here. I hope they taste good.I could say a lot about the world of this book, the future plans I have for the series, or why the book is the way it is. But that would take the focus off of what matters today.

This book is finished. I released it, and now my baby girl is out in the wild, ready to dish out some dark magic.

I’ll finish this post with a blurb, straight from the Amazon page (which you should have already clicked on.)

Thana Ayers may seem like any other girl her age, struggling to balance schoolwork, drama club activities, and her religious parents. But at night, she battles unholy monstrosities with her own astonishing abilities to control the dead. Thana’s never lost a battle. That is, until a mysterious creature appears unlike any she has faced before.

This strange presence threatens to unravel Thana’s carefully balanced life and reveal her powers to the world. It also promises to show her the secrets of the lichgate and unlock her true power, but all power comes with a cost.

If you’re intrigued by the risen dead, but tired of zombie apocalypse stories, this one is for you. If you want a young female protagonist who is capable and even frightening in her own way, this story is for you. If you’ve ever dealt with loss, struggled with guilt, or grappled with religion, this story is for you.

If you really want to read about a skeleton ripping off his own arms and beating a zombie over the head with them, this book is 100% for you.

Go read it.

Thanks so much for being here and keeping up with me.

-Kyle Adams

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