Fitting It All Together

It is hard. It’s hard to keep track of every plot thread you set up as you go through a story. I tend to write without an organized outline, and that makes it even harder.

So what about the conflicted feelings of a secondary character? What about the mark that was mentioned as being on the arm of the villain? What about the organization the villain is a part of, how are they connected? What about the backstory that was alluded to?

What about the secondary character’s glasses that I forgot he was wearing?

I have a lot of things to fix. Unlike most authors, my word count will probably increase as I edit. All because I set up ingenously interwoven plot threads and then ended up with only four threads somehow. This is my editing process, just to go back and notice all of the things I let drop.

Now, this might seem amatuerish, possibly because I am an amatuer. Neertheless, I do have a good story in here. I just need to tie up some loose ends. Everyone has their own problems with editing. Whether it’s extra scenes that need to be cut, new scenes that are needed, or just a bunch of poorly described sequences, no writer can write to their potential when the end of the novel is dangling in front of them like a cut of juicy, meduim-cooked steak. (Or perhaps a carrot for the vegetarians.)

This has been a glimpse into my writing/editing process for Disbelief Suspended. It’s moving along. What is your process like?

See you around!

-Kyle Adams

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