Stories Untold

A demon that has unknowingly possessed a human.

A young man who has a year left to live, and cannot die until that time arrives.

A world in which God has died and most be reborn in a human.

A trio of youngsters with superpowers that don’t work quite right.

A boy that finds a book of summons, who becomes hunted for an evening.

A man who discovers a fairy in a snowy forest, and is contracted as her protector.

A man who died in a car accident on his way to work, but diverged from reality because he refused to accept it.

A man with no moral compass that can manipulate wood, domesticated by a woman of light.

A girl that became the drummer of a garage band, despite the challenges from the other members, other bands, her family, and herself.

A noble rebellion in which the wicked kind poisoned all of the water in the land, giving the antidote only to those that serve him.

A forum moderator that discovers an artificial intelligence lurking on his board, and has to decide how to handle it.

Safe to say that I have too many book ideas. The eleven ideas above? These are only the ideas I saw fit to write down as I had them. There are many more that pop into my head, but I let them fade away. As of right now, I have plans to do something with the first half of these short ideas. In some cases, I already have drafts written, but in most, all I have is plans. When am I going to have time for all of this?

I’m not.

At some point, I have to realize my limitations. If I were to make all of these into short stories, and if I were to devote my time to it by quitting my day job, I might could get all of these ideas out of the way. But even then, it wouldn’t do them justice.

It’s a shame, but I have to focus only on the ones that most intrigue me. It hurts to let the stories drop for now, stories that will perhaps never be seen by a reader. It simply has to be done.

So, Writers: What stories have you let slip by? What ideas have you had that you will likely never flesh out? And readers, of the above story ideas, which would you like me to flesh out a bit on this blog?

Comment section is below. You know what to do.

See you around!

-Kyle Adams

One thought on “Stories Untold

  1. The Nobel rebellion one sounds interesting. So far, I haven’t had any slip away. Only filed away for the next book. It might be years before I write them out, but they’re waiting for me.

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