Steam Cleaning #28 – The Looker

I’m going through finals right now, so I don’t have much time to play games. Or post. Or record. Or do much of anything.

If there’s one game I needed to play in this time, it’s The Looker.

This short game is clearly a parody of The Witness, a game I played before I started Steam Cleaning. In short, The Witness is an interesting puzzle game with some amazing moments, but it is also the most pretentious game I’ve ever played. The Looker is a parody of both these parts.

Pretentious self-aggrandizing monologues? Here, have a hint switch narrating about his time on the streets. Ridiculously obscure puzzles? Here, have a kid’s menu from a restaurant. I’d give more examples, but The Looker is a free game about an hour long, and while it has a fun surprise around every corner, there are only so many corners that fit into an hour. I don’t want to spoil more than I already have.

I will say that The Looker knows its audience. From hilarious environmental achievements, obscure joke references to indie puzzle games, puzzles that range from free to moderately challenging, and even some genuinely neat moments, it is neither trashy knockoff nor indie puzzler. It does its own thing, and it has fun doing it. A near-perfect parody game.

Verdict: It’s free! But yes, I played 90 minutes, beat the game, and found most achievements.

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