Steam Cleaning #6-7: Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol (and Pacific Skies)

Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol

Some (many) years ago the Humble Bundle shop offered every Civilization game from III-V in one cheap package, along with some other Sid Meier creations. Most if not all of those games have been on the shelf till now.

Without any cutscenes or even so much as a menu stopping me, I jumped into turn-based firefights with enemy balloons, scouts, bombers, and fighters. The tactics were intuitive enough to come naturally, and battles were swift and decisive.

And then my game crashed at the end of a mission.

With no chance to save, I have to restart and redo the mission. I hoped that the first crash (on mission two) was a fluke and gave the game another shot. That lasted until I completed mission four or five.

This feels like the beginning of a good game, one that I would play to completion, but I’m not going to enjoy having progress repeatedly erased.

Verdict: 2 game crashes in 13 minutes.

Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies

I had another Ace Patrol game, one for the Pacific half of WWII. I leapt into the fray.

And crashed on mission 2.

Alas, I barely knew ye Ace Patrol. May you live on in the hearts of people who could play you whilst you functioned.

Verdict: More game crashes than plane crashes. 9 minutes played.

This was not the purpose of Steam Cleaning. I wanted to scour my games to find hidden gems, and either enjoy the full game or review my first hour of impressions. This was neither of those. This was a progress update, and I hate that. I almost didn’t make this post, but for the sake of completion here it is.

Here’s hoping we don’t get many more of these.

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