The Obsidian Path by Michael R. Fletcher — A Review

The Obsidian Path trilogy… where do I begin? I originally went in search of a book like ‘Dark Souls,’ then was directed to Black Stone Heart. That book was not at all what I was looking for, but might have been a great deal better. I got sucked in.

On release, I bought and read both sequels as well.

These books are dark. Extremely dark. The tale of Khraen is an intricate web, juggling centuries of mystery and motivation. It spirals down into the worst pits of several hells, and then only rises up again to inflict madness on more innocents and drag them down as well. I won’t say more to avoid spoiling things, just know that the plot is intriguing, often hopeless, and oh so very human.

After the first two books, I could not imagine a happy ending, or even a satisfying one, in just one book. I was wrong.

An End To Sorrow satisfied every question I’d raised over the course of the series, gave this group of amazing, wretched people a conclusion that went beyond anything I expected, and yet still somehow left the door open for further steps on the Path.

A three thousand year mystery solved, another one about to begin.

I cannot think of another series that horrified yet enraptured me like this one did, and if the Obsidian Path ever continues, I know there are enough demon-bound threads left to weave a tapestry just as enthralling as this one.

Note: I did end up narrating some audiobooks for this trilogy, but was only hired after I had read most of the series. A most fortuitous coincidence; it’s always great to narrate something you enjoy.

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