Projects. Projects Everywhere.

And now for your semi-monthly update. What have I been doing since throwing Monster Under My Bed out there?

Thus my title.


I’ve got more projects going on than I can juggle. Let’s talk about them for a bit, beginning with the ones I’m actually making progress on.

Illusion of Grandeur, the sequel to Through the Lichgate, is now a finished draft. Has been for a while now, actually. I’m looking into beta readers to clean it up, but likely it will be the next book I finish. The story stars Pierre, and if you’ve read the first book… this one will be quite the departure, let’s leave it at that.

Monster In My Closet, sequel to Monster Under My Bed, is getting a rough start. I’m in the drafting process, but unsure where. Roger Whitt is going to be running into boogeymen, vampires, and scariest of all, his brother.

Devil Game, my new novel idea combining Shonen anime tropes and the Biblical book of Revelation, is over halfway done. Slow going, there, but it’s moving steadily. 56k words and counting.

I’m working on my audiobook skills by narrating the entire web serial Pact by Wildbow. So far I’m about 4 hours into that recording. It’s a blast!

What else? Of course, there are a bunch of projects that are in stasis while I work on the above.

I’ve shelved a novella called Inconvenient Powers for now. The idea needs refining before I edit the draft I have, depending on what I want. How inconvenient are the powers? How common? Do I want to get into actual combat between a guy with food-kinesis and a glowy-sparkle-boom villian?

I’ve got a 1930s Boston Mafia story that I want to bring to bear, though I’m only a few chapters in and the story already needs revising. Back to formula with this one.

I’m already sketching out the story for the third book in The Drama Club Presents series. No details for you guys yet, but it will star yet another club member. Take a guess!

I’ve put together all the worldbuilding details to make a series of stories from Slimy Hero, a short story I posted on this blog. You need more than a world to tell a story, but this one’s still floating out there. First action will probably be to rework the story into third person, with a wisecracking narrator.

I’ve been working up some short stories for submission to various compilations, just as a side project. It’s uncertain whether anything will come from that.

That’s all, I think.


See you around! (if I don’t suffocate under the weight of these projects)

-Kyle Adams

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