Monster In My Head Released!

The third entry in the Roger Whitt’s Monster series, Monster In My Head, releases today! As it currently stands, this is the conclusion of the three-novella set, and finishes off Roger’s arc in what I feel is a satisfying way.

Here it is!

Roger Whitt has had a bad day.

Imaginary monsters have invaded his workplace, leaving him wrung out and at odds with his coworkers. None of them understand, and the monsters who live with Roger aren’t much help either. They keep talking about come ‘coronation’ that Roger must attend, a gathering inside the realm of nightmares.

Before the day is out, Roger will have to face the monsters inside his head, or become one himself.

I’m looking into releasing this book, along with the others, in a compilation paperback version, maybe with a monster compendium in the back. But I don’t have cover art yet, and I’m feeling pretty finished with Roger’s story right now, so we’ll see.

Other than that, I’ve been quite busy. Drama Club book #3 is currently in review, and I still plan on releasing it this year. The audiobook for Illusion of Grandeur (Drama Club Book 2) is also under review, and just about ready to go.

I have another urban fantasy idea in germination, about fifty-thousand words in, but jury’s out on whether it will work as a complete story. I spent my 2020 year experimenting, and I wrote over a hundred and fifty thousand words, and none of them will ever see the light of day.

Devil Game will go temporarily free this Saturday, which is my birthday. I’ll make announcements on social media when that comes.

I think that’s all. There’s a deluge of new books coming out in April and May, and if I’m going to read all of them, I’d better get busy.

See you around!

-Kyle Adams

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