Christmas Sale and Cover Reveal!

Happy Holidays everyone!

It’s been a very long and interesting year. I’ve had a lot of good happen, a good bit of bad, but we made it through and it’s time to celebrate. And how better for me to celebrate than to put all my books on sale?

Through the Lichgate

Illusion of Grandeur

Devil Game

Each book is 99 cents on Amazon Kindle for the week, and I hope you’ll pick on up.

An addition, I’ve got an announcement! Book 3 of the Drama Club series is coming in 2021. I’ve got the story fundamentally finished, it just needs a bit of professional editing. Here we go:

Really pretty, isn’t it? I had a good time working with JCalebDesign for a third time here. Phantom of the Stage will be Cheveyo’s book, and it’s going to be a banger. I’m looking forward to getting it into reader hands.

I’ve also commissioned an audiobook for Through the Lichgate, and it’s in the pipeline as we speak! By the end of 2021, I hope to have released Phantom of the Stage, two or three audiobooks, and another of the many projects I have brewing.

See you next year, and enjoy the sale!

-Kyle Adams

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