Devil Game Released!

Two and a half years ago, I started pleasure-writing some weird self-indulgent tale about demons, angels, and sport battles. At the time, I didn’t know I’d finish the tale. I didn’t know how hard it would be to write, or how much it would mean to me.

But now that book is finished!


Devil Game.

I’ve described this book as The Book of Revelation meets Yu-Gi-Oh, and I stand by that. Here’s a little taste of what to expect:

In the last days, the heavens descend. Personal devils and angels sit on shoulders, granting divine powers and facilitating devil games. The game can be anything, the wagers are limitless, the reward is pleasure. The entry cost? Throwing a chunk of soul into the winner’s pot.

Cal MacArthur thrives in this apocalypse, challenging his schoolmates for whatever they’ll wager. Part of him wants to be a better person, but these unholy games draw him like a moth to hellfire. As long as Cal never loses, he won’t get burned.

But when Raj Patel steps into Cal’s bedroom, he presents a challenge beyond the paltry games Cal plays. The bookish man claims to have contracted a tournament of devil games with the Lost Legion, an infamous band of desouled terrors controlled by Lucifer himself. Raj has gambled the Legion’s redemption on the young players he can recruit and train.Playing this devil game is lunacy, but Cal sees an opportunity to cheat the system. He can be that ‘better person’ he wanted to be, play the hero, but use Raj’s devil game tournament to do it.

Each game played toes the line between evil and good, and every wager must be kept. If Cal doesn’t master the devil games before facing Lucifer’s soulless thralls, he might lose himself to his own demon and become the terror he fights against.

Devil Game is available for Kindle and as a Paperback!

I do hope you’ll enjoy reading.


See you around,

Kyle Adams

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