Monster In My Closet

Happy new year!

I’ve been enjoying the holidays, working on some audio projects, and playing Persona 5. It’s been a good season, and I’ve kept myself busy.

I’ve also been writing.


Monster In My Closet, the sequel to my quirky novella Monster Under My Bed, is available on Kindle!

I had fun using this story to explore Roger’s family, his relationship to the monsters that surround him, and… well, the monsters themselves. What types of monsters are out there? Which are the most terrifying? What should you do if you find yourself a marked target of these imaginary beings?

Fun stuff.

Thanks again to Tailsteak for the cover art, it looks swell.

I’m still working on Illusion of Grandeur, the sequel to Through the Lichgate. I ordered some proof copies yesterday, so it’s getting there. It’ll still be a while, as I want Pierre’s story to be as perfect as he is.

And then there are other projects in the pipeline. I’m writing another sci-fi book that might see the light of day, and I’m setting up a home studio to record audiobooks in. Both for myself and for other aspiring authors.

All in all, I’m enjoying my creative endeavors, and that’s what really matters. I hope you keep up with me and enjoy them as much as I do. Thanks for being here, and if the above book looks appealling…

Read Monster Under My Bed first. Seriously, it’s free. Why not?


See you around,

Kyle Adams

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