The RPG Endgame

I rode out into the open fields of Dodecia on a mule, armed with nothing but a rusty sword, a gray tunic, and some rather comfortable boots.

This is where it all started, I thought. Where I found my first party, rode off to my first quest… all on a mule.

I wanted to recapture that feeling that I had when starting out. That’s why I rode on a mule, instead of my personal dragon. That’s why I left my enchanted mythril armor at home, discarded my legendary Sword of Instant Decapitation. This was how I started.

Oh, how I missed those days. Every job meant something. Every corner could have another bag of gold waiting for us to split, and I might get enough that I could splurge on a sweet cake. Simple pleasures.

As I daydreamed, my mule reared up a bit and stomped the ground. I was shaken from my reverie and looked to the ground. A ripple was running through the grass, like water, and a trail of dirt was bulging up behind it.

I dismounted, feeling the thrill of battle again. This was it! This is what I’d been searching for! I drew my sword, and readied a simple stunning spell in my right fist. Let the creature come.

My mule, lacking my confidence, made a break for safety, and just in time. The rumblings became a roar, and the ground shook.

The leviathan mole burst from the ground. It was a mighty beast, capable of devastating a small town. Its body alone was the size of an elephant. Fur covered every inch of its lizard-like form, and muscles bulged under the surface.

A mighty creature to be sure, courtesy of Dracontes on DeviantArt

He swiped at me with sharp, elongated digging claws. Was I fast enough to dodge? Sure. But what would be the point if I couldn’t suffer the same hopelessness as before?

I raised an arm in a futile block, and the claws met my flesh. They ripped into my sleeves, and dug furrows along my unprotected arm.

I pulled back, and checked over the damage. White lines roped across my arm. The cuts weren’t deep enough to even draw blood. Tch.

“Is that the best you’ve got!” I screamed.

The mole roared and swung a furry draconic tail at me, lifting me off the ground with its heft. I laughed as I tore through the air, tumbling over the next hill. Every bump and bruise was worth it. This was the cost of victory that I’d missed so much, sitting in my fortress and surrounded by shields of light and divine magic.

“Come on!” I yelled, leaping to my feet.

There was no response.

I frowned and walked forward, up the hill. Upon reaching the top, I saw the reason for the silence.

I’d let go of my sword. Why? Because it had struck the monster’s tail in the chaos, striking it in two. When I was flung, I had loosed that rusty blade, and my eager strength had still continued on to the torso of the beast.

The leviathan mole was dead, by sheer accident. All it took was a little of my strength, and the mighty creature was brought low.

I shouted and aimed my stunning spell, the one I hadn’t gotten to use, at the creature’s body. Magic, fueled by my power and rage, boosted the simple hex.

The body was blown to pieces by the stunning spell, and each piece evaporated under the sheer duress of my magic.

Tears gathered in my eyes. “Can’t I even have this?” I asked.

But there was no foe to give me what I had desired. I had killed them all.

I turned to leave, and left the humble adventurer’s sword behind.


Today’s prompt led me to basically recreate One Punch Man in a Dungeons and Dragons setting. I really enjoyed writing it, despite my struggles with high fantasy. I hope you enjoyed reading it!

I was lucky to find the perfect leviathan mole on DeviantArt after writing the story. I hope Dracontes doesn’t mind.


See you around,

Kyle Adams

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