Basket Eggs

I had a lot of free time growing up. I wish I had spent more of it writing.

That said, I have a demo CD for a band that I was in. I was the drummer. That was worth it.

I have a video game that I created, one that I still enjoy playing occasionally. That was worth making.

I have a black belt in a martial art. That was definitely worth the effort.

More to the point, I also took up voiceover work. That is actually what my twitter was created for, before I decided that I should be a writer. Voice acting is enjoyable, and worth doing.

As a shameless plug (but one with a point), I’d like to note that a parody series that I co-star in has been airing this month on Youtube. If, as most of my readers, you are not into anime parodies, I do not recommend watching it. However, if it intrigues you, you can find it HERE.

I feel no shame.

Okay, maybe a little shame.

But as I said, I do have a point to make, to other writers or anyone else who reads this blog.

Don’t let any one thing become your life.

Got it? It’s easy to get sucked into one thing or another, since we (as living organisms that require sleep and nourishment) do not have enough time for everything. True, I had to drop martial arts and game development. Yet it always saddens me when I see people that define themselves by one hobby, one work that they do. Whether it be their job, a creative project, or even a friendship.

Friendships end. Jobs end. Projects end. Momentary stresses, setbacks, and failures abound. Always have something to fall back on, to keep you motivated, full of purpose. If I stopped writing today, and never opened a manuscript again, I would still have a life full of friends, relationships, family, work, aspirations, hobbies, and devotion to God. It would not harm me in the slightest.

In my opinion, that’s a good way to live.

Not that I’m going to stop writing. I don’t think I can.

See you around!

-Kyle Adams

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