The Moments of Truth

Ah, another monthly update-ish thing! Coming in late, of course. I blame wildblow, the writer I mentioned in a previous blog post. I’m done reading his work now, back to business.

This week is a week I told myself I would not get excited for. I would not get my hopes up. Now I’ve gone and done it anyways. I’m amazingly stupid like that.

This Friday, submissions close for the Fantasy Anthology that I’ve submitted a short story to. I still have not received a rejection notice, so that means The White Book is still being considered, even after two and a half months. If it survives the last minute rush (or however many entries get submitted) then I’ll have my name in a published book and a note of merit for future query letters!

Should I fail, I will have a polished short story to unleash or submit somewhere, so this is a win-win situation for me. Regardless, my hopes are up, riding on that first win. Fingers crossed!

This is also an exciting week for me in another realm. The first draft of Disbelief Suspended is currently being read and critiqued, and should be done in the next two days. Then, armed with seven hundred plus critical comments, I will begin multiple read-throughs and salvage what I can while creating a story that can go out to some actual beta readers! This really is a big step, as I’ve distanced myself from the book to let it grow cold, and I’m itching to get back to it with a fresh mind.

That’s this week for me. This month also begins a new period of #WIPjoy! This time I’m using my new baby story, Godless, as my source for the tweets. You can find me on twitter to follow in the fun at @kyleadamsauthor.

We’ll see what the coming days bring.


See you around!

-Kyle Adams

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