What Lies In Me Update

Another week gone, with some more editing, another two chapters written, and another two or so chapters posted on Wattpad. One milestone marks this week:

What Lies In Me is exactly halfway posted.

As of right now, I’ve gotten an average of five to six views a chapter. Not great, but not bad, considering my expectations. Unfortunately, as soon as I started posting the story, work caught up with me. My schedule has been more erratic (thus the blog post schedule) and I haven’t given that story the attention it deserves.

I wanted to get on Wattpad and be a part of the community, helping others and reading as well as writing. Now, I just don’t have the time.

Pushing sad thoughts aside, though, I’m glad I found the courage to start posting this story. There have been some readers, and I have broken a barrier that I wanted to break. When my schedule slows down, I can invest myself more fully into this, and I already have a sequel  draft for What Lies In Me that is ready for editing and posting.

My story is getting started, but my time is not running out. It will not run out. And, in the meantime, I could sure use some feedback on my only publicly released work. Give it a shot!

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