My Personal Petty Problem

I hate relying on others. Let me get that out there, and say it firmly.

hate relying on others. Especially for writing.

Why? Oh, I could exhaust you with a list of reasons, and I will in a moment, but it all boils down to inconvenience. See, here are some of the many reasons that other people are impossible to rely on. Warning: They overlap.

1. People are selfish. When I ask them to spend time reading or helping me with artwork for hours on end, with no compensation whatsoever, they ought to jump for joy at the prospect of working on my project! But no, they shuffle their feet a bit and avoid the question, clearly wishing I would retract it. They want to spend that effort on themselves for some reason. The vanity is overwhelming.

2. People are different. Not everyone shares my perfect vision for my book. I recieve an astounding amount of critisizm from these people. I can hardly blame them for not knowing perfection when they see it, as they are flawed beings, unlike me. Nevertheless, this lack of appreciation for perfection goes on the list.

3. People would rather read finished works. Never mind that what I offer them is a story that no person has heard before. Sure, they might agree to read it out of some facade of helpfulness they are trying to keep up. Yet, four weeks later, they have read another four ‘Potty Harry’ books or some such and haven’t touched my superior manuscript. I cannot even fathom the logic here.

4. People have lives, lives that do not center aroud my book. This is the worst offense of all. My stories are better than reality. They are more interesting, exciting, and well-designed. (Sorry, God. Next time add more dragons.) These people that prefer their lives to spending all of their time helping me with my work clearly only do it out of spite. What other reason could they have?

That’s enough reasons. I  have wasted enough time venting about these selfish people that are (unfortunately) not clones of me. To deal with them (and I must do so, for I cannot design book covers or negotiate book deals) I must have some combination of money or patience.

Money and patience. I have to waste my precious time and earnings on these people, simply because of their own flaws? Unacceptable!

How will I ever overcome this dilemma?

-Kyle Adams


Editor’s note: The above may have contained sarcasm.

5 thoughts on “My Personal Petty Problem

  1. It’s tough having to fend for yourself when something so important is at stake. But take heart, some people do really care.

    1. That is heartening. All sarcasm aside, these things can be frustrating, but I blame only my own impatience and stinginess when they are. I try to be the helpful guy at times, so I know that life happens to everyone. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. I used to worry about being an inconvenience. So much so that I all but disappeared off the face of the planet for a while because I couldn’t help but feel that I was bothering people with who I was. And then I learned the truth. I was projecting my own insecurities on the world. I had to learn to trust
    It can be difficult to find the people who really do care. Sometimes it can require a bit of courage on our part to trust others to prove that they won’t disappoint us, but it isn’t easy. Let someone surprise you one day. It’ll make all the selfish people worth it.
    If ever you need help, feel free to reach out. That’s an offer I won’t take back 🙂

    1. Wow, thanks!
      Though this was mostly a tongue-in-cheek satirical rant, your support is appreciated.
      I don’t have anything good at the critiquing stage, but I’ll keep your offer in mind, and happily extend the same to you. While I’m not amazing at writing or editing yet, I am a fast reader, and I can tear through a book and pinpoint what bothered me about it.
      Thanks again for the encouragement!

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