I am available for professional Audiobook Production. Find me on ACX or send me an email on my contact page!

I voice fiction, especially fantasy and urban fantasy, and have experience narrating thrillers and romance novels.

For the past two years, I have also been the main narrator for the Pact Audiobook Project.

Audiobook Samples

Warmth of the Sun — Urban Fantasy Horror, First Person Narration

The Pact Audiobook Project

I am the narrator for any episodes that are titled with a number, excepting those in Arc 8. Feel free to listen to some recent chapters!

Pact Reading — Void 7.X The Pact Audiobook Project

A reading of the Pact Audiobook Project Written by WildbowRead and Edited by ostrichlittledungeonIntro by VinnySC10 About Page
  1. Pact Reading — Void 7.X
  2. Pact Reading — Void 7.11
  3. Pact Reading — Void 7.10
  4. Pact Reading — Void 7.9
  5. Pact Reading — Void 7.8