Where Am I?


It’s been a while. How have you been?

I’m sure that my absence has left a deep hole in your hearts. I apologize. It was never my intention to rob the world of myself. My regret runs deep, and it’s not as if I’ve been too busy to post. Not at all.

All pretentious banter aside, this blog was created for only one reason: For me, as an author, to interact with the world. With you.

But I’m not an author yet.

I have two books that I’m very excited about. Books that I’m trying to finish editing, books that I want to publish. I don’t know where the books will be published, or whether I’ll be publishing them myself. I’m trying to figure that out as I continue to edit.

But that’s what I’m doing. I am almost certain that my two current WIPs will be published, one way or another. So I am throwing all of my free time into them. Once I have a book out, expect my posting to return with vigor. Expect every attempt I have to get out there and sound off as loud as I can, to introduce myself to people and introduce them to the worlds in my head.

If I self-publish, it’ll be this year. If not, perhaps next year.

But the stories have been drafted. They’ve been modified.

And they are coming for you.


See you around!

-Kyle Adams

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