This Election & Why I Love It

I do not get political online. Not publicly. That is my rule, and I believe it is well reasoned.

Nearly half of the country will probably disagree with any political post. That’s an audience I am losing if I take sides. If I try to make posts about the current happenings but retain the moral high ground by taking neither side, then I will have nothing new or interesting to say.

Such is the public life.

However, I would like to talk about this election, from the standpoint of an author. Forget the inevitable fallout from either side, forget the personal involvement we have in the constant bickering and lies that will decide the future of this country. Realize what I have realized.

This election is beautiful.

Not what I mean when I say beautiful. Not at all.

Now, those of you who have not reflex-clicked away with the speed of a keyboard ninja, disgust etched on your face: Let me explain. I have been an American all my life. Never have I cared about an election. This election made me care. Why?

Storytelling. The election has evoked more emotion throughout the country than many books can do, and I see that as storytelling. Now, everyone sees a different story. Is it a villain rising? Is that villain a corrupt enemy bureaucrat or a surge of the people, replacing evil with greater evil? Is this the story of a redeemed hero (or anti-hero), trying to overcome his past comments and deeds and use the very nature he has to destroy the villainous establishment? Is this the tale of a woman, frail and careless though she may be, stepping up to be the one last barrier between an evil narcissist and total power?

I could spin this story three dozen ways. Every single story would be an incredible read.

But that’s not all! Think of the story of Bernie Sanders! Or the story of a campaign member. Paul Ryan? Gary Johnson. There are unique (best way of saying it) players in this election, and any one of them would make a great story.

They already have.

A good story draws readers in and affects them emotionally. Every event in this election is another plot twist, driving nails into our screaming hearts as we anguish over the results. Will our candidate really win? Do we really want them to? Self-doubt, coupled with a burning desire to be right and the commitment we, as voters, have made by condoning our candidate’s last deeds.

There is no turning back. Get your pads out and take notes, and learn from the pathos around us. We are in for a wild ride, and if these events don’t give you inspiration for your writing, nothing will.

(Later, I may write sequels to this post, noting what inspiration I found in this election.)

See you around!

-Kyle Adams

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